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How To Put Icing On A Cake With A Knife

Place the top half of the cake onto the cake board with a dab of icing. If its a special occasion or youre being fancy cover the edges of a cake stand with four strips of wax paper.

Icing A Cake Smoothly

Smooth the fondant using cake smoothers pushing out any air bubbles and creases starting on the top then working down the sides.

How to put icing on a cake with a knife. Slowly turn the cake while moving the knife in a back and forth motion. I do this to stop crumbs getting in the icing but it should work for your problem too. Step 4 Apply The Second Cake Layer.

Hold the blade straight against the side of the cake for a smoother finish. Seesaw back and forth to cut through the cake and level each layer. Put the cake in the freezer.

Once youve iced your cake with your paste you use icing smoothers to refine the look literally smoothing it. This will help the cake become a bit firmer and itll be easier to work with. Then do a very thin crumb layer of icing.

Lift the icing using a rolling pin or your hands. To torte the cake take the knife to the side of the cake. Prep the Cake After the cake is completely cooled trim excess cake with a sharp kitchen knife and brush away any crumbs from the top of the cake.

Step 1 Prep the Turntable. You can now start to cover the remainder of the cake in jam. Use a spoon to place some icing on the top of the cake.

You may even want to stick it in the fridge for a bit. Use a cake spinner if youve got one because it will make frosting faster but its not essential. You do have to factor the jam into your flavour combos though or it can taste a bit weird.

This doesnt have to be perfectly smooth just try to make sure that all sides have an even thickness of frosting and no naked cake layers show through. Use a serrated knife to level the cakes. Tie the ribbon around the handle of the cake knife to make a bow.

If you cant find the color ribbon you need go to a fabric store and purchase about 12 inches of ribbon and some crystals sequins stars or anything you would like to decorate the ribbon. The fix is as simple as using a long serrated knife to slice the top off of each layer to level them out. Frosting a Two Layer Cake.

Trim the uneven cake layer with a long serrated knife so it is even. Holding the knife vertically spread the frosting ribbons along the sides of the cake smooth. Flip the cake upside down to frost it so youre working with a nice level surface.

10-Step Decorating Tutorial Time. For piping you want it a little thinner so it flows through the nozzle. Step 5 Apply The Crumb Coating.

You can coat the cake with a melted jam first. To cover a cake mix the icing until it holds stiff peaks. Then slowly rotate the cake while following that line with the knife and cut through the cake toward the center.

Spread it around the cake using a palette knife. Remember to spread icing on. A cake turntable may help in smoothing the icing around the side of the cake.

Step 7 Fix the Edges and Smooth the Sides. Let the cake cool completely. They kind of look like flat pieces of plastic with a small handle-like grip.

Just warm a little bit of jam in a pan and put on with a knife or a brush. Step 3 Apply The Filling. When the cake is cool and more firm its less likely to crack or tear.

If you want you can even refrigerate the cake before frosting and leveling. Next take a freezer bag and fill it with your icing. The fridge will dry the cake the freezer will keep it fresh.

Drape it over the top of the cake. If you have any pleats gently pull these out and smooth down with the palm of your hand one at a time. Its best to cover the cake with marzipan first so you dont.

Cut off any excess ribbon. Then place the remainder of the cake on the top and then put the cake and board on the turntable. This is where icing smoothers come in.

Trim to level the top by using a serrated knife. If you dont have an icing spatula you can use the back straight edge of a large knife to smooth your buttercream and then clean up the bottom of your cake plate with a paper towel. Step 2 Apply The First Cake Layer.

Spread it evenly with a butter knife using the same motion youd use to spread butter onto a piece of bread. A warm cake will crumble easilyplus frosting warm cakes is bad news youll end up with runny frosting. Now to get even level layers place the cake on a flat surface.

To slice one cake into two layers start by tracing a line around the middle of the cake with a long serrated knife. Step 8 Pipe the Borders. Using the side of the cake as a guide its honestly easier to eyeball it rather than fussing with cake levellers.

Dipping the spreader in warm water does help. Because its on the turntable you can rotate the turntable with one hand and use the palette knife for spreading the jam in the. Icing smoothers are also perfect for rolling out even ropes of fondant or sugar paste to decorate cakes with.

Let that sit for a few minutes in. Put a dab of icing on the plate or whatever you use to serve the cake will help to keep it from sliding as you work with it. Use the cake decorating knife to evenly spread frosting across the top of the cake turning the rotating cake plate as necessary.

Use a small knife to cut away the excess icing dont. Wait until the cakes have cooled completely or for the best results chill the layers before trimming. Cut off the excess with a sharp knife to give it a clean and crisp finish.

To keep this from happening use a serrated edge knife cake knife preferably to slice a thin layer horizontally off the top of the cake so that the top and bottom of the cake run parallel to each. Hold the knife horizontally and rest it on the edges of the cake. Using some fabric glue put some crystals or sequins on the ribbon.

Remove the cake from the baking pan and place it on the center of a glass cake plate. Place a small dollop of frosting on your cake stand and place the first cake layer on top to secure. You can cut the cake more layers if you wish.

Step 6 Apply The Top Layer of Icing. Level the cake just slice off the mounded top of each cake using a serrated knife.

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