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How To Put Frosting On A Square Cake

Knead ready to roll icing until pliable. Dollop a large amount of buttercream on top and spread with an offset spatula to the edges of the cake.

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Roll out into a circle roughly 5mm thick turning all time to prevent it sticking to surface.

How to put frosting on a square cake. Put lots of icing on so when you do the final smoothing with the bench scraper you will have extra icing to scrape off if you dont have enough icing for this step you end up with cake showing thru the icing. Now to get even. Use spacers to smooth down your sugarpaste once on your cake.

Roll out on a surface dusted with cornflour. Its best to cover the cake with marzipan first so you dont. A cake turntable may help in smoothing the icing around the side of the cake.

Dust icing sugar or rub vegetable fat on surface to help. Place layer rounded side down on plate. To cover a cake mix the icing until it holds stiff peaks.

To level the cake allow the layers to cool completely. Use a frosting bag or a ziplock bag with a corner cut off to pipe even perpendicular stripes along your chilled cake. Repeat until all the layers are in place.

Ad Delicious Sugar Free Desserts and Cakes. You can lift the fondant at the cake board to help release air and stretch a bit to pull out wrinkles. Smooth the icing as best as you can and let it.

When the cakes are completely cooled you are ready to stack the layers. For piping you want it a little thinner so it flows through the nozzle. I love frosting this way because it gives a really nice finish without fondant.

How To Frost a Square Cake. Once at center line the start at the top and work your way from top to bottom. Get your healthy Bakery treats dellivered on time or pick it up in our Store.

Then fold it around the corner. Take an offset spatula and spread out the frosting about 1 before the edge. Place second cake layer rounded side up on frosted first layer.

Found it at Target. With another spatula in your right hand start adding dabs of icing on the side of the cake running away from you building up the corner against the dam spatula in your left hand. Use a cake revolving plate so you can turn the cake as you frost.

Spread 13 to 12 cup frosting over top of first layer to within about 14 inch of edge. Use your rolling pin to lift your sugarpaste to avoid fingerprint marks or tears. Always start smoothing from each corner and work toward the center line of the side.

Smooth over the top of the cake with the palm of your hand then gently around the top edges of the cake. A warm cake will crumble easilyplus frosting warm cakes is bad news youll end up with runny frosting. On a 9-inch round cake board place the first layer of cake bottom side down.

I use a bread cutter like this one to smooth the frosting. Dont worry about visible crumbs its all part of the process. If you have any pleats gently pull these out and smooth down with the palm of your hand one at a time.

Leave to set overnight before decorating. Get your healthy Bakery treats dellivered on time or pick it up in our Store. With your left hand hold a spatula vertically in front of you so the right edge of the spatula is where you want the corner to be.

Put down the first layer of cake and taking a pastry bag of frosting create a nice even layer of frosting. Use 5mm ┬╝in spacers to help you roll out your sugarpaste to an even thickness. This layer will seal in all the crumbs before you are ready to decorate your cake.

This will help the cake become a bit firmer and itll be easier to work with. When applying the icing to the sides with the spatula push the icing out past the corner. It should be thin enough that you can see the cake and crumbs through it.

Use an offset spatula to spread a thin layer of frosting over your cake. Place 4 strips of waxed paper around edge of plate. If you want you can even refrigerate the cake before frosting and leveling.

To view the next video in this series click. Ad Delicious Sugar Free Desserts and Cakes. Create a crumb layer.

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